Ask Your Man What He Wants in Bed

Finding out what does it for your guy can be tricky. Here’s how to go about being the best lover he’s ever had.

So, he’s never complained – but that doesn’t mean your man loves that thing you do with his testicles. While a lot of attention is focused on what women want sexually, we tend to assume our men are happy just getting laid. But, since he’s (hopefully) trying his hardest to please you, it’s probably your turn to return the favour. 

Pick your time
Since (unlike most of us) men aren’t necessarily used to talking about what they like in bed, asking a direct question while he’s doing the dishes could make him cringe – and not give you a proper answer. Likewise, peppering him with questions during the act will really ruin the moment. Find a time where you’re both relaxed. Maybe at dinner or when you’re chilling on the couch or even shortly after a shag when the atmosphere is intimate.

Don’t demand answers

If he’s shy or embarrassed by your questions and totally doesn’t want to go there, that’s okay. He might not know what he likes off-hand. If this is the case, ask him to think about it and tell you later. Emphasize that you really want to please him. However, there are simple tricks that work for (almost) everyone: give him tongue action, and not just a blow job. Tease his erogenous zones.

Be specific
Instead of asking broad questions, make it easier for your dude by narrowing them down to specific details. For example, instead of saying, ‘what position do you like best?’ try, ‘When I’m on top, do you prefer when I face you or face away?’ This way you guide his answers and are more likely to get info you can work with.

Listen when he talks about his past encounters.
No-one likes hearing about exes, but here is one way she can actually help you. If he ever refers to a past sexual encounter with fondness, listen up! She might have known a trick or two you can copy. Or, probe a bit – if he hints at a great move, ask him about it, and copy her shamelessly. He’ll love that you’re so intent on making his toes curl.

Take non-verbal cues

If he starts moaning loudly or pulls away gently, he probably loves or hates what you just did, so take a mental note. Later you can verify your ‘findings’ by asking him. Likewise, pay attention to what pushes him over the edge. Maybe it’s grabbing his butt cheeks or licking his nipples. Then, do more of that next time.

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