8 Worst Things about Drunk Sex

Alcohol … sometimes we really, REALLY hate you.

Alcohol … sometimes we really, REALLY hate you. Proof? These drunk sex moments.

1. Falling over your shoes or fumbling to get your top off as you make it to the bed/kitchen counter/bedroom floor…



2. Cringe-worthy dirty talk…


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3. Falling off the bed…


4. You’re getting ready to get down and dirty and … his member goes limp (thanks, alcohol). Disappointed is an understatement…



5. He falls asleep while he’s still inside you…


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6. Waking up in the middle of the night with that all-too-familiar feeling – needing to be sick … and stumbling to the bathroom, hoping he won’t wake up…


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7. …And falling asleep in the bathroom (and if he finds you, you hope he picks you up and carries you to bed)… 


8. Feeling like hell the next morning and battling to move, wishing he’d just leave so you can suffer in peace.


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