8 Things MEN Should NEVER Do During Sex

Men behaving badly in bed…

Men behaving badly in bed… here, things men should never do during sex. Read on!

1. If he has an orgasm first and quite happily stops straight afterwards (knowing full well that you haven’t climaxed yet) – haven’t we all been there… It’s unbelievably selfish and lazy, and there is NO excuse for it.


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2. He tries to slip it in the rear end (without asking you first).


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3. He gives you a wedgie. This is NOT funny, erotic or a turn on in any way, it’s bloody painful and it will most likely make you very angry…


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4. Pushing your head down towards his nether regions. If you want to give him a blow job, you will. Patience, men, patience.


5. We’re all for dirty talk in the bedroom but when it starts getting freaky and too dirty, it just squelches your mojo (or you end up in hysterics, squelching his mojo).



6. If he rushes through it like a crazed speed-driller and constantly asks, ‘Have you cum yet?’


7. He handles your nipples like radio knobs. You’ve probably experienced this before and (hopefully) won’t again – maybe it’s best to warn a new guy in advance to avoid tears.


8. If he asks for a threesome … with a blow-up doll…


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