5 Ways to Make Sex Last Longer

Here are some tips to help your man out.

Let’s be honest – it’s normally the guy’s fault for cutting short your sexy time (and sometimes they just can’t help it). Here are some tips to help your man out:

1. Try out different positions that will only allow shallow penetration (so he won’t come too quickly), and build it up until you’re also ready to orgasm.

Try the ‘spooning’ doggie-style position – he enters you from behind while lying next to you.


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2. If you’re planning a romantic evening, he should limit his alcohol intake to two to three glasses as (most of us have experienced this) he’ll battle to get it up. #SadFace


3. Take it slowly

He doesn’t need to go at it like a jackhammer! Get into the mood by giving each other massages and tickling/kissing each other. Also pause every few minutes (while you’re changing positions, for example) so he has time to chill – he’ll be able to ‘hold it in’ longer.


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4. Try out desensitising condoms that contain a numbing agent, which help your man last a few minutes longer.


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5. Men can do Kegel exercises, too!

They strengthen his pelvic floor muscles (which affect sexual performance). He should do three sets of 10 every day to get results – which will benefit both of you!


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