5 Sex Positions He HATES – According to Guys

Don’t do it.

There’s very little guys aren’t into when it comes to sex – but these five sex positions are definitely something he could do without.

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1. Standing Up…

…Specifically while facing each other. The problem here is simply ‘too much work; too little payoff’. Unless your guy is superhumanly strong and genuinely doesn’t mind putting in a whole lot of extra effort, it’s safe to assume this one doesn’t excite him.

2. Vigorous Woman-on-Top

Don’t get us wrong, he loves having you on top – but when you’re bouncing up and down excessively, there is a genuine fear that you might, well, break his penis. Just because penile transplants are now a thing in South Africa doesn’t mean we should go crazy.

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3. Spoon Position

This one feels just a little bit awkward for him. He doesn’t quite know what to do with the arm underneath him, and everything seems difficult and unnatural.

4. The Lean Back

To put it simply, erections bend forward. If you’re on top of him and leaning back, you’re bending it the wrong way and it could end very badly.

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5. Anything Overly Complicated

He knows there’s a chance that he might end up as a human pretzel with a pulled muscle. If it’s something you found on your Kama Sutra app, he’s scared before it’s even begun.

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