What's the Craziest Way You Found Out They Were Cheating?

Wow. Just wow

Cheating is awful, full stop, but some cheating stories are more shocking than others. A few women share their unbelievable stories of how they discovered their bae was having a thing on the side:

‘Almost every day she was leaving work at 5pm and going to another location’

‘My wife started working much later than she used to, which I didn’t think much of at the time but now seems like a pretty obvious clue. One evening, while she was still supposedly at work, my laptop died so I just grabbed hers to search Google Maps for something. While there I saw a tab that said ‘Your Timeline’ and clicked it out of curiosity. It turns out Google tracks your every move through your phone and it showed me that almost every day she was leaving work at 5pm and going to another location, what looked like someone’s house, for two hours then heading home to me. It felt like something from a movie and although I did feel bad violating her privacy, I’m glad I did. I confronted her about it, she confessed that she had been seeing someone else and we got divorced shortly afterwards.’ —Jesse, 31

‘I had been reading about him cheating on me for weeks’

‘This girl I vaguely knew once accidentally tweeted a link to her secret Tumblr. She deleted the link after a few seconds but I had seen it and saved the URL. The blog was really juicy, full of posts about her kinky sex life with this guy who was really into BDSM, and I loved reading it knowing who was behind these anonymous posts. About two months later I was out at a club and this girl was there too. She came up to me and said she had something to tell me. It turned out that the guy I had been dating for the past few months was the same guy she had been having all this dirty sex with. I felt sick knowing that I had been literally reading about him cheating on me (in graphic detail) for weeks.’ —Francine, 26

‘I found five payments to a massage parlour’

‘My boyfriend and I had a joint bank account (mistake number one: joining finances with a scrub) and at the end of one month I saw five pretty big payments from what sounded to me like a massage parlour on our statement. I asked him why he had gone for five massages in such a short space of time and he got really weird about it, so I kept questioning him about it. Eventually he came clean: he had found a place that did “happy endings” and I guess just couldn’t stop himself. I was beyond disgusted but for some reason stuck around for another few months before finally dumping him. Ugh.’ —Bianca, 29

‘He and my housemate had been talking for weeks…’

‘My housemate and I rarely saw each other, and when we did it would just be a quick “Hi” while passing each other in the kitchen. My boyfriend would always tease me that I was unfriendly and should make more of an effort with her, but I was shy and the arrangement was fine with me. One day he left himself logged into Gmail on my laptop and I was about to log him out so I could check my own emails when I saw a Gchat notification from a familiar-looking name. I discovered that he and my housemate had been talking for weeks, and their chats were super intimate with him speaking about how he needed to break up with me so they could be together. It was really traumatic for me, but the worst was that when we broke up they started dating and I still had a few months left in my lease so still had to be around them. I can look back at the bizarre scenario and laugh now, but it took a few years to get to that point!’ —Harriet, 29

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