Why Valentine's Is the Best Night to Be Single

Why you’re better off than girls in so-so relationships.

Before you start moping because you’re spending Valentine’s either alone or with your bestie, we’d like to remind you why you’re better off than all those girls in relationships.

Gifts are only great if they come from the heart. We’re pretty sure there isn’t a single girl in the world who doesn’t love getting a pressie – but somehow there’s something a little ‘meh’ about a gift that’s given because Hallmark decided today’s the day, rather than because you randomly popped into his head.

2 A teddy holding a heart ain’t no one’s idea of cool. Speaking of presents – can we agree that there are gifts, and there are gifts? A couples massage at a spa in the countryside = awesome. A fluffy dog holding a heart saying ‘I wuff you’ = not so much.

3 And the winner for ‘Worst Night of the Year to Go on a Date’ is… Show us a restaurant you can actually get into on Valentine’s Day, and we’ll show you a place that’s probably involved in a food-poisoning lawsuit. If you do manage to get a booking anywhere cool, you’ll have to make do with a set menu (read: mass-produced and made in advance) rather than the dishes you usually go for.

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4 You just don’t feel the same about ‘cry’ movies if you’re coupled up. Can you feel as emotionally bruised by The Notebook if you’re watching it with someone you know would rather have the TV tuned to sport? Especially if he doesn’t look like Ryan…?

5 There’s no pressure to be in on the V-Day thing. Maybe you’re one of those girls who believes that Valentine’s is a load of BS but you’re with a guy who doesn’t. Now you have to find an appropriate present – but what, exactly, is ‘appropriate’? If your present is bigger than his, he might feel embarrassed; if it’s smaller, you might be shown up.

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6 Commercial romance isn’t really romance. Oh look, he told me he loves me just because everyone else in the whole wide world is doing that today. I feel so special. But not really.

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7 There’s no relationship more important than the one you have with yourself. Cheesy but true. If you can spend Valentine’s Day doing exactly what you want – whether that’s going to a morning yoga class or heading out for cocktails with the girls – you’re happier than a lot of girls stuck in so-so relationships.

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