Unusual Psychological Reasons He Might Fall in Love with You

He loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah.

People fall in love for many, many reasons; your hormones, your upbringing and your shared interests all play a role. But, along with all that is also a host of weird psychological, unconscious reasons that could be at play under the surface – all stirring the love pot.

And if you’re more aware of them – your relationship might make more sense. These are the psychological reasons he could be falling for you – without even realising it.

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You’re very similar.

According to a study of couples who met online, ‘Partners who are similar in broad dispositions, like personality, are more likely to feel the same way in their day-to-day lives. This may make it easier for partners to understand each other.’

You look like his mom.

Psychologist David Perrett at the University of St. Andrews found that some people are attracted people who have the same hair and eye colour of their opposite-sex parents. And their parents age at birth also plays a role. ‘We found that women born to ‘old’ parents (over 30) were less impressed by youth, and more attracted to age cues in male faces than women with ‘young’ parents (under 30),’ the authors wrote, according to The Independent. 

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You warmed him up.

Not like that, just yet. But it turns out that people drinking warms drinks are more likely to find their date has a warm personality. Yale psychologist John Bargh said participants who held warm beverages judged the person to have a warm personality, because their minds were already primed to think that way. Coffee anyone?

You wore red

A Slovakian research study showed that women who wore red were more successful when it came to dating.  Apparently red helps to attract potential mates. It also works for men; women like men in red because, apparently, it signals status. 

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He’s less attractive than you

A 1996 study rated participants on physical attractiveness, and then randomly paired them up to date. They then had to say how satisfying the dates were. Amongst the top rated people, the more attractive participants were — the less satisfied they were likely to be. For the others in the more middle of the range ratings? We like people who are equally attractive to us.

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