The Ideal Woman Interview: Dylan Muhlenberg

‘Sex appeal, for me, is better than beauty.’

AGE: 28
PROFESSION: Executive Editor, GQ
FIND HIM HERE: www.gq.co.za, @dylanmuhlenberg

‘Sex appeal, for me, is better than beauty.’

What is the first thing you notice about a woman when you meet her?
I’ve got a type – generally brunette girls who dress well, with boyish figures and boyish features.

What makes you want to go up to a girl and strike up a conversation?
I’m very shy – I never really go and do that whole approach thing. I’ve never been able to walk up to a girl I don’t know.

What is your ideal woman?
Someone with a very sweet nature, kind-hearted; someone who is willing to deal with all my baggage; someone who is open-minded and supportive. It’s nice when she understands my sense of humour. Someone with sex appeal. Sex appeal for me is better than beauty.

What are the traits of a girl you would want to take home to your mother?
They have to be able to get on with my mom. They’ve got to be someone I can be proud of and someone presentable.

How important is personality really?
Very important. You’re going to grow old with this person. When looks fade – and they will fade – you’ve got to have something else to suffice.

What is your favourite part of a woman’s body?
I like a toned stomach. I like to see a girl’s collarbones and delicate shoulders.

Is it very important that your friends like the girl you are dating?
Yes. You’re going to want to keep hanging out with them and your girlfriend.

Do you think women are too critical of their appearances?
Oh ja! They are ridiculous. What’s more important is confidence. There is nothing worse than a girl who won’t walk around on the beach in a bikini because she thinks she has cellulite. A lot of the time they don’t have cellulite but they’re so self-conscious that it would be more attractive if she did have it and didn’t care.

If your girlfriend was having a fat day, how would you make her feel better?
I’d probably be nasty about it and tell her she is looking fat and mess around a bit – which is funny for me, but probably not fun for her.

Should a woman take it personally when their boyfriend looks at other women?
No. We always have a look. It’s in our make-up. We’re designed to be attracted to certain things. We see something nice and we want to look at it – anything nice. It doesn’t mean I love my wife any less or that I’m going to cheat on her. It might be disrespectful, but I do try not to do it in front of her.

What would your advice about women be to your 17-year-old son?
Marry for money. Your second marriage can be for love, but the first one marry for money, get her pregnant and set yourself up for life.

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