Sex Up Load Shedding

Load shedding got you down?

Load shedding got you down? Don’t be like that!

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You already have the candles out, so why not turn the situation to your advantage by using this time to create more intimacy with your man?

1. No words allowed. Instead of letting chatter get in the way, spend some time just being together – without saying anything. There’s something deeply sensual about being together, in the dark, without any conversation to distract you. Use the time to connect physically.

2. Take it slow. You can’t prepare dinner or switch on the TV – so there’s really no reason to rush. Imagine you and your man are locked into your own special bubble. You can do whatever you want in there – but, for something completely novel, why not agree that whatever you do, neither of you will have orgasms? That takes off all the pressure to rush, and instead gives you the space to just explore what you both enjoy.

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3. Who needs clothes? Play a game while you undress – instead of pulling off each other’s gear, each of you takes it in turns to remove just one small piece of clothing. As soon as the skin is on show, you (or him) spends time either kissing or touching it – whatever you prefer.

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4. Look into his eyes. A lot of people think that kissing with eyes closed is romantic. But try the opposite – keep them open to watch the emotions play across his face. It’s pretty dramatic. And it will definitely leave you feeling close. Thanks, Eskom!

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