Why Self-love Is Important in a Relationship

You might find yourself settling in an unhappy relationship. Don’t be that girl!

In a relationship, it’s easy to forget about yourself and focus on the other person. Believe it or not, not having enough self-love can sabotage relationships that have potential or can lead to settling in an unhappy relationship. Don’t be that girl. Here’s why self-love is important in a relationship.

You speak up when you’re not happy
When you love yourself, you know what makes you happy and what doesn’t, and you’re confident enough to say when something doesn’t sit well with you. This doesn’t make you a horrible person but rather an honest one, who’s willing to share her feelings with her lover. The more you suffer in silence, the more you start resenting your lover – and the sad part is, he might not even know why you have so much resentment towards him. Speak up, sister!


There is understanding in the relationship
Because you’ve communicated to him all your likes and dislikes – and he’s done the same – there is no reason to fight. You understand why the other acts a certain way in certain situations. Although it’s not perfect, because you understand each other and are happy with who you are, your relationship is filled with love and SUPER FUN.


You become a better lover
Now that you know how to love and respect yourself, you will be able to love someone else. You will be able to show compassion and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Loving him will stop feeling like a chore and hurting him will be the last thing on your mind because you know how it feels to be hurt. Trust me, he will love you more for this.


You know when to walk away
When your good love is not being returned and you feel disrespected, you know it’s time to go. You are content with who you are and know you deserve more, so you don’t even hesitate. Deuces!


Your partner respects you more
The fact that he knows you won’t tolerate any funny business scares him a bit and makes him behave. He finds you loving yourself admirable and your confidence excites him. He knows how lucky he is and will never disrespect you.


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