Kiss Like a Pro

Five simple steps to snogging superstardom

A perfect paced, erotically charged kiss can be so much more than an entrée to a sexual feast. Make it the main meal and your man will come back for seconds.

Step one
Before you lock lips, cradle your man’s face in your hands. Tilt your head a bit and look him seductively in the eyes as you slowly move in.

Step two
Begin softly, with your lips open just a little, planting a soft butterfly kisses all over his mouth.

Step three
Take your lover’s bottom lip and trap it between your teeth. Twist it slightly, then use a nip-and-nibble/suck-and-tug motion. The key here, however, is to be gentle. There’s a big difference between a sexy nibble and a painful bite!

Step four
Move into the traditional, open-mouthed kiss position. You know the one: lips locked together, opening and closing in unison.

Step five
This is the time for you to slide in your tongue – and once it’s in, don’t forget to move it! Your tongue techniques can vary between a gentle fluttering across his lips, slipping just the tip in and out of his mouth, and making soft figures of eight with his tongue, as though you were having a ‘thumb war’.

Got it? Now get yourself a practise partner!!

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