Your 7 Day Emergency Breakup Plan

Breakups are always painful. But we can help.

It’s over and he’s gone – and it doesn’t matter whether it came out of left field or if your relationship has been slowly falling apart for some time, a breakup always hurts like a b*tch. We can’t make the pain stop, but we can help you get through the next week.

Day 1: Call in sick and cancel all your plans – or, if you’re not the holing-up type, get together an A-Team of friends to get you through this. Your concern right now is to make it through the night, so do whatever that takes (well, within reason).

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Day 2: Tell your nearest and dearest. Chances are you’re not going to be able to call in a sickie two days in a row without your boss requiring a doctor’s letter – but you’re still going to need a lot of support to get you through the day. Tell your broader group of friends so that they can be on stand-by – maybe they can take turns watching movies with you or making sure your Haagen-Dasz stash is topped up.

Day 3: Tell everyone else who might need to know. By now, you should be getting to grips (at least in a small way) with the fact that you’re single. You can change your FB status, tell the people at work, and people who aren’t in your Inner Circle but who will find out sooner or later anyway. Get the news out to stop the goss.

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Day 4: It’s time to emerge from your pit of despair. Look, we know that the urge to wallow is strong, and that it’s impossible not to dwell on things, but try to find some positives in your situation. If it’s reached this point, things obviously weren’t all rosy – so concentrate on how you can create a new future.

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Day 5: Get practical. There are probably quite a few details to sort out, especially if you’ve been living together. It’s best to get them done and dusted.

Day 6: Do a Beyoncé. Start making your space an ex-free zone. Everything he owns in a box to the left.

Day 7: Be strong. You’ve now been through one of the worst weeks of your life – but you survived. Which means that you’ll be able to get through the rest of them.

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