18 Adorable Things Boyfriends Do

They snore, hog the duvet and make you watch action movies. But they do some pretty adorable things too.

Boyfriends: they snore, hog the duvet and make you watch action movies. But they do some pretty adorable things too.

1. He lets you sleep on him, even though his arm is numb.

2. When you order salad and then steal chips off his plate, and he doesn’t complain about it.

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3. Doing the grocery shopping voluntarily AND coming home with a frozen yoghurt for you. #Winning

4. When he thinks you’re asleep and kisses your forehead.

5. Keeping the new episode of Bad Judge for you on his PVR so that you can watch it together.

6.  When you’re in full rant mode and he bites his tongue and doesn’t try to solve the problem (even though you KNOW he knows the answer).

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7. When he sends a funny gif to your work email so you know he’s thinking about you.

8. When he gets so excited or so depressed about his sports team’s wins or losses. (Not sure why this is so adorable, must be evolutionary).

9. You’re asleep on the couch (again) and he tucks a blanket over you to make sure you aren’t cold.

10. When he give you the aisle seat on the plane even though his legs are longer.

11. That cup of coffee every morning.

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12. When you can’t decide what to wear and he tells you how gorgeous you look in everything (even though you know he’s just trying to get you out of the house faster).

13. When he strokes your hair absentmindedly.

14. When you mess up and he is fully entitled to be angry with you, but instead he hugs you close.

15. Waking up hungover and raccoon-eyed and he says, ‘Morning, beautiful’. #Butterflies

16. Carrying your heavy bag for you, even though it’s covered in pink polka dots and you claim you can manage it (you strong, independent woman, you).

17.When he switches places with you to walk on the outside of the pavement next to a busy road.

18. Coming home to fresh flowers after a bad day.

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