9 Super Annoying Things That Boyfriends Do

Did he not used to snore? Was it just not as loud? How did I never hear this before?

Oh sweet irony. You used to love how considerate he was when choosing a restaurant, asking you what you felt like eating and remembering where you went last time. Now you want to wring his neck while screaming ‘I DON’T CARE WHERE WE GO, JUST MAKE A DECISION!’

1. Snoring. Did he not used to snore? Was it just not as loud? How did I never hear this before?

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2. ‘Are you okay?’. That used to seem sweet. Now you’re left wondering if you have resting bitch face that nobody ever told you about before.

3. Those tiny little bits of hair around the sink from shaving. Ew.

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4. That boytjie vocab they suddenly grow when they’re around your guy friends. No need to klap the gym, boet.

5. The way they’re so surprised when you remember something they told you two weeks ago. Is it your memory they’re doubting, or your listening skills?

6. When they tell you the same story for the fifteenth time and then get upset when you call them out on it. Sorry, but you did smile politely the first fourteen times.

7. When they flat-out refuse to watch your girly-movie and then get super offended when you don’t want to watch The Fast and The Furious again.

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8. How they sigh and huff when you take 15 minutes to get ready (come on, that’s officially classified as low-maintenance) and yet when you want to leave the bar, making you wait a full 90 minutes is no biggie.

9. When they use the same knife for butter, peanut butter and jam. Come on, guy. You’re better than that.

But despite all of these things, you love being with him more than anyone else in the world. And for each one of these annoying things, there are fifty amazing, cute, sweet, loving, caring, ‘awwwww’ things that he does. That’s pretty rad.

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