9 Signs You Need to Dump Your Casual Hook-Up

It’s time to end it if you can relate to any of these points.

It’s time to end it if you can relate to any of these points.

1. He only wants to see you late at night – it’s all about sex for him and he never really talks to you. Just because it’s not true love doesn’t mean there’s nothing to say. You’ve most likely experienced the booty-call guy and he’s definitely one to steer clear of, especially before you become too attached to something that won’t last.

2. He takes days to reply to your WhatsApp messages, even though he’s often been online (you’ve been checking every five minutes).

And if he doesn’t return your calls, DO NOT do this: 

3. YOU take ages to reply to his texts and never get excited when he messages you. You probably don’t see the relationship going anywhere and so don’t invest your time in getting to know him. Let him down gently and move on – especially if he may react like this: 

4. He doesn’t make your heart skip a beat or give you goose bumps when he touches you. 

5. He calls you by the wrong name when you’re having sex – get out ASAP! 

6. He’s constantly on his phone when he’s around you and often asks you to repeat what you’ve said – he’s just not that into you…

It may hurt but the answer is most definitely YES.

7. He’s unemployed and always expects you to pay for everything. And after a booty call, he raids your fridge and promptly leaves afterwards. D-Bag alert – you deserve WAY BETTER. Good riddance to him. 

8. He’s critical of the way you dress/your friends/how you dance/what you eat… You ain’t got time for that! 

9. He’s always surrounded by other girls when you’re at a party and barely pays any attention to you. 

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