9 Signs Your Non-Boyfriend is Basically Your Boyfriend

He is just that into you.

Nowadays the line between friendship and relationship can be a bit blurry. To the outside world the two of you are a couple, but you’re still not totally sure. Are you dating or just hanging out? Does he want to be your BF or your BFF? These signs should make a shy guy’s intentions clearer.

1. Communication has become deeper

You’ve moved past the ‘how was your weekend?’ and into the ‘I’ve never told anyone this before, but…’ When conversation is more than just friendly joking and banter, your connection with someone is inevitably a lot stronger.

2. He fully accepts the differences between the two of you

You’re not the same person – you disagree on a lot of things. But, neither of you are bothered by it. You enjoy the debates that result from your differing opinions, and instead of shutting you down he always tries to see things your way.

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3. Your opinion matters

Before he makes any big decisions, he’ll check with you. Nothing makes a girl feel as special as knowing her opinion is important – he really cares about your thoughts, and he takes your advice to heart.

4. You make each other laugh

Compatible senses of humour is a necessity in friendship, but even more important in romantic relationships. If you and him can’t control your giggles when you’re around each other, there’s definitely a whole lotta like between the two of you.

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5. According to him, nobody is good enough for you

There’s some healthy jealousy. If he hears about a guy that’s been flirting with you, he won’t be able to hide his annoyance. You’ll probably get the ‘you’re the greatest girl in the world, don’t settle for less than you deserve’ speech.

6. You make an effort for each other

Your relationship might not be labelled, but that doesn’t mean you don’t take care when you’re around each other. Maybe he always makes an effort with his appearance, or maybe he goes out of his way to do favours for you. You’re practically dating.

7. Questions, questions, questions

When it comes to your life, he wants to know everything. It ranges from the big things to the ‘what did you have for lunch yesterday?’ He’s interested in everything you have to say because he wants to know the tiniest details about future Mrs His-Last-Name. Sweet!

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8. You know the personal parts of each other’s lives

You’ve met his parents, and you’re basically besties with his sister. You know when he’s going through something personal because he trusts you with the most intimate details of his life. If that’s the case, you’re probably more than just a buddy.

9. You’re flirty friends

If a guy doesn’t want to give you the wrong idea about his feelings, he’ll be very careful not to. So, if he’s constantly touching you, tickling you or draping his arm over your shoulders, he’s basically saying ‘I like you.’ If he doesn’t want you to think he likes you, he won’t act like he does.

If your ‘friendship’ is anything like this, it’s safe to say you’re a couple of non-dates away from being in a relationship with a guy who cares a lot. Lucky girl!

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