7 Totally Adorable Couple Tattoos

Looking for inspiration for romantic his and hers tattoos that are light on the cheese factor? Look no further…

Looking for inspiration for romantic matched tatts that are light on the cheese factor? We found you seven of the cutest couple tattoos ever… (And best of all, they won’t need explaining should the love of your life turn out to be a love on the way to the actual love of your life.)

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1. Awww, who knew Bot love could be so, well, AWWW?

couple tattoo cute robots

2. His ‘n her crowns… subtle but cool and classy.

couple tattoo his and her crowns

3. Playing card-inspired King and Queen of Hearts… and not worn on the sleeve!

couple tattoo king and queen of hearts

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4. Can you think of anything cuter than this Woodstock and Snoopy pair? AWWW, again…

couple tattoo snoopy and woodstock

5. Unless it’s these Mickey and Minnie Mouse tatts that can even come in for a kiss…

couple tattoo mickey and mini

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6. The lock and key are old romantic symbols, and can handle a bit of edgy treatment.

couple tattoo lock and key

7. Mr and Ms Pacman… retro, cool and perfect for gamers.

couple tattoo pacman


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