6 Singles Myths That Need To Be Busted Now!

You need to stop believing these lies, now.

All the single ladies! Whether you’re looking forward to your next date or relishing having loads of time for yourself, it’s time to separate the facts from the fiction. You need to stop believing these lies, now.

1. You’re single for a reason. This probably comes from well-meaning people asking ‘But why are you still single?’ There’s no answer to that: it’s not as if you would have a boyfriend if you were only more clever, pretty, successful or funny – you’re perfect as you are. The only reason you’re not dating right now is because you just haven’t met him anyone worth investing your free time in.

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2. All guys are a**holes. Actually, this one might be true – if you insist on dating guys who are all Christian Grey with none of the tenderness. But the reality is that most guys are exactly like you – there’s stuff that makes them happy, stuff that makes them sad, and stuff that makes them scared.

3. Life’s easier when you’re in a couple. You know – someone to help with the rent and share the chores with? Not always. In fact, living together can be pretty mundane. It’s hard work to share space with someone.

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4. Having a boyfriend means you always have someone to share those special moments with. Ain’t no such thing as the one person who’s going to fulfill all your needs. And even the best boyfriend becomes disengaged, bored or boring at times.

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5. The next date could be just around the corner. Well, actually, it probably is – but who says you care? As a single person, you have far more time to invest in yourself and do the things you really love doing. Why would you be waiting for the phone to ring?

6. Being in a couple is the next step. The ‘married with 2.3 kids’ stereotype had our parents thinking that getting hitched is the ultimate goal, but it’s pretty outdated. Um, hello? Having a fantastic career is an amazing goal. Transforming your community is an amazing goal. Getting married is simply a life stage that may not even turn out to be permanent.

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