7 Ways to Know He's Actually Flirting and Not Just Being Polite

Nice guys are hard to figure out

Opening the car door for you could just be good manners. But downloading all the seasons of American Horror Story to his iTunes for you when he doesn’t even like watching horror? ~*FLiRtiNG*~

1. He makes some kind of excuse to get your number. If he offers to take a photo of you and then uses his own phone so he has to send it to you, he’s into you.

2. He gets super-excited when he discovers you have a shared interest. You like Star Wars? He likes Star Wars! Let’s talk about all the Star Wars things.

3. Likewise, when you have a personality quirk that he shares. ‘OMG, I totally wash my eggs before I crack them too. Haha, we are so OCD, we should just live together and be OCD together and have OCD babies.’

4. He talks about you and him in the plural. ‘We love the new J-Lo and Iggy Azalea song.’ (PS: He doesn’t actually love it but he loves how excited you get when it plays on the radio.)

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5. He suggests watching Coyote Ugly, The Devil Wears Prada or Clueless. These are movies in which nobody farts and nobody shoots anybody. He LIKES you.

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6. He remembers things that you said in passing and acts on them. ‘So, about dinner tomorrow night… I know you don’t like raw tomatoes but you do like them cooked. Are sun-dried tomatoes okay?’ Girl, he has it bad.

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7. He’s touching you in the small of your back, and you’re not sitting on a ledge about to fall. ~*Romantic touching*~!

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