6 Reasons He’s Giving Mixed Signals

And then – nothing.

What’s up with this dude? You see him out, there’s talking, there’s smiling, there’s flirting – there’s even a little hand-on-knee action. And then – nothing. No kisses and no calls.

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Here’s why he’s giving out those mixed signals.

1. Maybe he’s just a physical contact kind of guy. Everyone has different ways of relating to people, and maybe he’s just a lot more touchy-feely than others. In which case, there is – sadly – no ulterior motive behind those hugs, no matter how good they make you feel. Bummer.

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2. He’s actually already seeing someone else. Love rat alert! Here’s the guy who thinks that, just because he’s already ordered, he doesn’t have to stop looking at the menu.

3. He thinks you’re too much of a goddess. Yes, you. You are too hot and clever for him, and although he would love to ask you out, he feels shy and gawky when you’re around.

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4. You’re giving out the wrong signals. Ok, so maybe you’re the shy gawky one and, although you don’t realise it, you’re giving off a stand-offish energy. Try to relax around him – take away his cute smile, and he’s just a person with the same hang-ups and weird quirks as the rest of us.

5. You’re not his type. Ouch! But it’s true – he might be attracted to you and think you’re a load of fun, but not the kind of girl he would like to date.

6. He’s not in the right space. Could be he’s just come out of a relationship, or there’s some other kind of stress – like family issues or a crazy time at work – that’s stopping him from focusing on his love life right now.

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