5 Signs He Likes You

You’re not sure if he likes you, or if you’re just playing the flirting game

So you and Mr Hottie have been making eyes at each other for a while – but you’re not sure if he likes you, or if you’re just playing the flirting game.

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Here’s what you should be looking out for:

1. You keep running into each other. Listen up: this is not a coincidence. He doesn’t just ‘happen’ to take lunch at the same time as you, and his appearance at a club you mentioned isn’t random. It’s all part of his plan to spend time with you.

2. When he’s with you, he acts differently. Check out how he behaves with his friends: if he’s jokey with them, but more serious with you, it could be a sign that he’s interested. The opposite is also true, though: if he’s louder with you, he could be trying to catch your attention.

3. He asks you out. Before you think ‘duh!’, consider that there’s a lot more riding on this than you might imagine. Even guys who appear to be 100% confident find it daunting to invite a girl for supper – after all, there’s always the potential for rejection.

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4. He checks out how you respond to what he says. Whether he’s telling a joke or letting you know about something important that’s happened, he’s keen to see your reaction – because it matters to him.

5. He keeps touching you. He finds an excuse to pat your arm while you’re talking, he puts his hand on your back when you walk in front of him – all of it just to get closer.

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