5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Back Together with Your Ex

Reconciling with your ex can be a good thing but often emotions cloud your judgment

Reconciling with your ex can be a good thing but often emotions cloud your judgment and you decide to give a relationship another try without properly thinking it through. Before making that decision, watch out for these warning signs – sometimes you just have to move on…

1. You don’t trust him – and never really did throughout your relationship. If you were constantly wondering where he was, who he was with and what his future plans were, is it really worth it to give him another chance? Has he changed?

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2. You’re only getting back together because you’re lonely – not because you want to be with him.

3. He abused you – physically, emotionally or sexually. If you still feel anxious around him and can’t completely trust him, it really isn’t a good idea to put yourself back in that position of constant worry and fear.

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4. You’re still physically attracted to each other but you no longer have anything in common. The sex may have been amazing but are you emotionally connected?  Do you enjoy the same things, share your opinions and value each other? If you’ve ‘lost that lovin’ feeling’, it’s time to let him go.

5. You reminisce about past memories with him, hoping things will go back to the way they were when you were in the honeymoon phase. Relationships obviously change over time and sometimes you grow apart – ­ and that’s okay. But don’t get back together in hopes of reigniting that spark if you know deep down that you’ve both changed and are better off apart.

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