5 Bad Sex Habits to Break Before Marriage

Change things up when it comes to sexy time!

When it comes to sex, nothing is more of a bore than same old, same old. Get on top of your bedroom business by kicking these habits to the curb.

1.Same time, same day. Stuck in a sex rut where routine is the name of the game? Get out of it, fast! Monotonous, predictable sex is the worst and you’ll only come to resent him for it. Try having sex in the morning – an early Monday shag has been proven to stave off Sunday blues and even helps fight infection from a heavy weekend of jolling, according to Dr Debby Herbenick, author of Because It Feels Good.

2.One-trick pony. Always sticking to the same techniques will get mega dull, and why stay standard when there’s a smorgasbord of sex styles to try? Watch porn, read after-dark books and pay a visit to an adult shop for ideas on how to change up your sex life. But it doesn’t need to be drastic – something as simple as swapping out mundane missionary for your legs on his shoulders can make all the difference.

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3.Criticising your body. Self-deprecation and harping on about how flabby your underarms are is not sexy and does no favours for your libido. Energy is kinetic – body confidence and positive thinking will rub off on him and up your mood and energy levels in the bedroom. On the flip side, relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam says sex in itself is one of the most potent cures for negative body image. ‘Women who feel erotically fulfilled rate themselves as physically beautiful whether or not they measure up to the “ideal”. Passion, positively experienced, turns body hate to body love.’

4.Wearing your granny pants. Just don’t do it – there’s no excuse for getting so comfortable with your partner that grey belly-button huggers become a norm. And that flannel-cum-Little House On The Prairie nightgown? Ban it from the bedroom now! Besides, slipping on a stylish silk slip will do wonders for your own sense of self anyway. ‘Believe it or not, sexy lingerie can make sex feel sexier, says relationship expert Andrea Syrtash.

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5.Eating too much at night. Having a bloated belly and feeling like you’re an entire wagon wheel of pizza is a major mood kill when it comes to sexy time. A stressful work schedule and after-work commitments often lend themselves to heat-me-up late dinners that are quick and easy but make you feel fat and lazy. ‘Think about sex as your dessert – if you eat lighter, there’s a really good chance that you’re going to have more energy and want to have sex later on that evening,’ says Dr Rachel Sussman, author of The Breakup Bible.

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