4 Reasons Why He Keeps Coming Back

And then it all went sour.

So you two had a good thing going…and then it all went sour. Now he’s back, sending you funny texts and leaving messages on your Facebook page.

What’s it all about?

1. He’s just realised what an ass he was. You tried to tell him. You pointed out how great you were together, but at the time he just couldn’t see past his need to spend countless hours drinking beer in bars and finding out if there was anyone better out there. Now he knows that there isn’t, and he’s come back with his tail between his legs. Are you prepared to hear him out? The ball’s in your court.

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2. He’s just realised what an ass he was, and although he doesn’t actually want to get back together, he wants to show you that he’s really a Good Guy. Not that you’re interested anymore. But it matters to him that, when you think of him, it’s without the urge to throw a dart at his selfie.

3. He’s just realised what an ass he was, because he saw a pic of you on his friend’s FB feed and can’t get over how hot you’re looking. As they say, looking good is the best revenge.

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4. He’s actually just an ass. Hopefully you don’t know too many guys like this but, sadly, there are some guys who get a kick out of playing with people’s emotions. Come on, girl – you’ve been doing fine without him all this time, so why let that kind of bad energy back into your life?

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