4 Reasons To 'Fifty Shades' Your Life

Bet you never imagined a little BDSM could be good for you!

Wondered what it would be like to invite your guy to go a little Christian Grey on you? We have a bunch of reasons why you should…

1. It increases trust. If you feel safe enough with someone to try pushing your boundaries, it says a lot about how much you trust them. Couples who indulge in a bit of kinky sex from time to time often find that their relationship benefits from better intimacy – which translates into more closeness outside the bedroom.

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2. It opens the doors of communication. If you want to try something new with your partner, especially something that might strike them as a little risky, you’re going to have to do a lot of talking about it first, getting them to explain how they feel and sharing your own feelings.

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3) It puts any idea of cheating right of your head. Again, it’s all about being able to be vulnerable with someone else, and place your trust in them. If you’ve both made this emotional investment in your relationship, it’s highly unlikely you’d risk it by cheating.

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4) It’s better than a yoga class. Seriously. Any physical contact boosts your mood and brings down your risk of depression. Plus, couples who try out BDSM have been found to be more secure and open-minded (it’s that trust thing again), and a little bit of kinkiness can help reduce anxiety – a bit in the same way that you get an endorphin high after a particularly gruelling workout.

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