28 Signs You're in a Comfortable Relationship

We all begin a relationship trying to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

We all begin a relationship trying to be the best possible versions of ourselves. Ordering salad when what we actually want is a steak, we never discuss anything gross and we’re ALWAYS perfectly groomed, to name a few. We try so hard to sustain these qualities, until one day we let one slip. Literally. This is a sign that the two of you are getting super-close and comfortable around each other. Here are another 28 signs…

1. You send him text messages without re-reading them over and over again.
You used to craft a witty and flirty message. Now, you don’t care if auto-correct changes ‘did’ to ‘dick’.

2. Ordering what you ACTUALLY want to eat.
Zero f*#ks are given when you order the super-sized, double-cheese burger meal, and eat it like there is a time limit.


3. Sleeping over and like, actually sleeping.  
You’re at the point where you don’t have to have sex every time you stay over.

4. You are comfortable having sex with the lights on.
Broad daylight, fluorescent kitchen lights, whatever, it’s all good.

5. Not holding back on your ugly cry (even without makeup on).
Best of all, he’s not as afraid of seeing it anymore.


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6. You have no problem sending him out to buy tampons.
And he has no problem getting them for you.

7. You no longer worry about who’s paying.
If I’m broke at the end of the month, I’m going to spend your money anyway.

8. When you ask them to do anything around the house, they’re like…


9. You don’t brush your teeth before morning sex.
Not only because you’re too lazy, but because you’re both okay with it.

10. His parents call you when they are trying to reach him.
For f*#k sake, dude, call your parents!

11. You laugh at really dumb shit together.
If you’ve made up weird songs about (fill in the blanks) or speak to each other in funny accents, then you’re doing it right.

12. You try to have a normal conversation and he turns everything you say into a ‘that’s what she said’ joke.


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13. You can’t sleep without each other.

14. You pop each other’s zits.

15. Foreplay has become a myth, like unicorns, fairies and the myth that girls don’t fart.
‘Just slip it in,’ said no woman ever.

16. They don’t want to eat anything you suggest for dinner but they don’t know what they want either.


17. You pee with the door open.
You’re in the middle of an important conversation, why end it just because you have to pee?

18. You send each other short wish lists for birthday presents.
Or you just buy it yourself and have him EFT the money back to you.

19. You’re past the pet-name phase and mainly call each other mean names.”
‘It’s in the top cupboard, dickhead.’ (In a joking way, of course.)

20. Sometimes you’ll just have to watch something on TV that you hate…


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21. Your sexual routine is so predictable.
Just like a perfectly choreographed Justin Beiber dance.

22. Sexy underwear? What’s that?
Oh, you mean my faded, baggy faithfuls that lost their elasticity in 2012?

23. Body-hair maintenance is for extremely special occasions only.

24. You’re always too tired to cuddle.


25. You only kiss when you’re about to have sex, and you only have sex when you’re about to go to bed.
Although, you do get the mandatory cheek-peck every morning, and that makes you happy.

26. You chat about what your kids will be like and it doesn’t freak you out.
You also argue about who is going to be the nice parent.

27. You feel like you are completely in your own secret sitcom.
Although, what would people think if your weird ways were being broadcast to the world?

28. You’d rather hang out with him than your friends.
Because you’re not just a couple. You’re BFFs, and that’s the shit!


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