23 Questions Girls Want to Ask Guys but Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

We experience the ‘birds and the bees’ a little differently.

It’s in our human nature to be curious about the opposite sex and because we don’t have the same ‘bits and bobs’ we experience the ‘birds and the bees’ a little differently. So here are 23 questions girls want to ask guys but are too embarrassed to ask.

23 Questions Girls Want to Ask Guys but Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

1. What happens if you get an erection while sleeping on your stomach, will you wake up bruised?

We don’t live our entire lives with an erection, and if it does happen involuntarily while we are sleeping on our stomachs, with a little adjustment it will run parallel to the mattress. Thanks for your concern.

2. How does it feel to walk with dangly bits between your legs? Do they hit your thighs from side to side?

Most of the time they are in a comfortable, contained position in our underwear and not just Swinging Low Sweet Chariot. However, we have no control over where they are. If they decide to go east or west, we have to reposition. So I apologise on behalf of all men to the women who have to witness this… Oh and before you ask, no, we don’t sit on our balls.

3. Do you ever sit on your balls?


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4. How do you live with such boring-looking underwear?

Well, I’m sure the question would go a bit like ‘Why do you wear such weird underwear’ if we wore G-strings or underwear with frilly bits. So keeping them simple is less awkward for both of us.

5. Can you pee with a hard-on?

We’ve all tried it and it’s safe to say, NO! It’s really difficult to aim, especially if there is a split stream.’ This basically means two streams that travel in different directions. Sometimes (and only sometimes in desperation), we have to sit pretty. And no, you can’t bend an erect penis. It’ll break so please do NOT try this.

6. How does it feel to still look good after only paying R120 for a hair cut?

It feels great. Jealous much?

7. Can you control your erections?

Every guy has had a ‘Simba surprise’ at the most awkward moment, and this happens when we are not aroused at all. It’s just really bad design. Although it very rarely happens, I will never understand it. But the morning glory is one that is uncontrollable.
So, in short, the answer is no, not really, maybe a little. Can we please move on from this question!

8. How does it feel to be able to eat whatever you want and never put on weight?

What? Who is this guy? Most guys are actually aware of what they eat, and how much they eat.

9. How does it feel to have sex? Is it like sticking your fingers in an apple pie but a thousand times better?

I’ve never stuck my fingers in an apple pie but actually yes, that sounds about right. But hopefully, you are actually attracted to the apple pie. PLUS, it has boobs.

10. Are guys really that worried about the size of their penis?

We talk about it but mostly because we find it funny. But seriously, if a guy is worried about it, it’s because he feels he has something to worry about.

11. I’ve read about the ‘finger in the butt during a blow job’ as the ultimate sex move. Is this a thing?

Hell no. No way. No no no. I think I speak for most guys when I say I would feel totally violated. But each to his own. I won’t knock it but I sure as hell won’t try it.

12. What is the most common thing women do that makes guys lose interest?

There are so many things, but the one surprisingly common thing is when she is too interested too soon.

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13. Should we be embarrassed by queefs?

Lols… Queefs. That word gets me every time.
Nah, I find them funny but that might just be me. If you’re with a guy that you are comfortable being around, then there is no need to be embarrassed. Remember there are way more things that guys should be embarrassed about.

14. When a guy adds a girl on FB that he’s interested in, does he look for pictures of her in her bikini or underwear?

Yes, he without a doubt, might, 100%, probably, will maybe consider doing that.

15. Is sex with a condom really that bad?

How can I put this? Sex with a condom is like being given a new toy but being told you can only play with it if you keep it in its packaging.

16. Do different vaginas feel different?

They all feel different. The fit, the angle of entry, the texture, the temperature, the size and whether the muscles try to force you out during an orgasm. But in the end, these can’t be rated. It really depends on the guy and what he is comfortable with.

17. What happens during a male orgasm, where do you feel it?

Well, that’s a difficult one to explain but I will try… You feel it travelling down your tubes, it comes (pun intended) out in waves, and it feels like the best five-to-10 seconds of your life. And then you want to do it all over again.

18. How often do guys really watch porn?

The answer is NEVER, said no guy ever! Honestly, it could be anywhere from once or twice a day to once or twice a week. But whether he’s single, dating, married, or just a fuck buddy; his relationship status (or whether he is happy or not) doesn’t affect his porn-watching habits that much.

19. How does your penis feel once you’ve cum? Sensitive?

Soooo sensitive, but not sensitive enough to write a poem.

20. Is it true that you think about sex every 7 seconds?

What? NO, that’s just childish! That’s more than 500 times an hour. Can you imagine? Guys would have to make every decision in 6 seconds before their sex-alarm goes off on the 7th second.

21. Is your penis really smaller when it’s not hard?

Uhm, yes! But some guys shrink less than others and some guys grow more than others, which pretty much explains the term, ’a grower, not a shower’

22. What does it taste like when you go down on a girl?

It’s a difficult one to answer. It’s like trying to explain what it tastes like to lick someone’s arm or make out with them. Everyone has their own natural scent. So the best way to describe it is, it has a slight matallic taste but also sweet(ish) and a little salty.

23. Do your side chicks know they’re side chicks?

I’ve been somebody’s ‘side piece’ before, so to be honest #WhenYouKnowYouKnow

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