12 Signs Your Best Guy Friend Likes You

Find Out if your BFF Wants to Be Your BF

Maybe you’re totally into him and you want to take your relationship to the next level; or maybe the idea of seeing him naked sends you into a catatonic state of sheer terror. Either way, it’s always a good thing to know if your guy friend has a not-so-hidden agenda.

1. He spends his free time with you. All of it.

Contrary to popular belief, guys have no real use for female friendships. None. There’s nothing we can give them that their guy friends can’t. If your friend is spending all his time with you and neglecting his true bros, he’s probably pining for you so hard.

2. You’re in on the family holidays.

Any guy that includes you in important family occasions is definitely setting you up to become Mrs His-Last-Name. He desperately wants to include you in his family life, because in his lovestruck fantasy, you’ll soon be part of it.

3. He compliments you.

A compliment about your appearance from a guy can be translated as, ‘I am attracted to you.’ If your bud is mumbling that you ‘look good’, or he notices and compliments your new gold eye-shadow, he’s definitely into you. (Disclaimer: this is only true if the guy in question isn’t a total player.)

 4. He touches you.

The long, lingering hugs, light backrubs and hair stroking aren’t just friendly interactions. Guys don’t want to give us girls the wrong idea about their feelings, so if he’s touching you a lot, rest assured that he knows exactly what he’s doing and he hopes you know it, too.

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5. He finds fault with everyone that isn’t you.

He’ll sing your praises from the highest rooftops, but if you bring any other girl up, he can only point out her flaws. He doesn’t want some other chick standing in the way of his Ron-and-Hermione dream. He’ll want you to know that he’s completely available. Like, so available.

6.  He’s never asked you to set him up with one of your hot friends.

We all have that beautiful single friend that could get any man she wants – except your guy friend. If he’s never so much as mentioned that she looks a bit like Kate Upton, he only has eyes for you.

7. You’re the first person to hear all his big news.

Forget the person sitting next to him – when something big happens, good or bad, you’re the first person to get a text (and the first person to be invited for celebratory drinks). He tells you everything important because you’re important.

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8. He goes out of his way for you.

He drives you home even though it’s 20 minutes away from his own house. On your birthday, he brings you a cake that he made. You mention that you’re craving spaghetti; he invites you to his house for spaghetti. He just wants to please you – a lot.

9. He lets you know how much he appreciates you.

Guys aren’t very open with their feelings, especially when it comes to their friends. If he’s always casually mentioning what a great girl you are, and how glad he is to have you in his life, you’re definitely someone he never wants to lose.

10. Before he does anything, he makes sure you’re in on it.

No social gathering is the same for him if you aren’t there. How is he supposed to enjoy himself when he can’t gaze upon the object of his affections? He might as well sit at home in his underwear and watch reruns of Friends.

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11. He texts you while he’s out with his guy friends.

When he does get roped into a guys’ night, he’s texting you running commentary the entire evening. ‘Going to the club now.’ ‘Brad is completely smashed, LOL!’ ‘They’re playing that song we danced to that one time.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘I wanna go home.’

12. You know he does.

Girls tend to underestimate a guy’s interest in them. If you have an inkling that your guy friend is crushing on you, he probably is. What you do with this information is up to you. We say, what could be better than a relationship with a guy you already know and love?

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