10 Signs Your Relationship is on its Way Out (Sorry)

Your ‘us’ could be reaching its shelf-life.

Things been feeling weird lately? If most of the below are true, your ‘us’ could be reaching its shelf-life.

1. There’s no talk of the future.

2. You keep other guys/he keeps other girls on the back-burner.

3. He’s never been in a relationship longer than a few months.

4. He tells you it’s okay if you want to date other people.

5. He openly looks at other women.

6. Days pass where you don’t hear anything from him.

7. He’s told you he’s not the ‘marrying kind’.

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8. You have nothing in common except sex.

9. You have lots in common, but don’t have sex.

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10. You both act like you’re single.

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