10 Signs He's Just So Into You

‘WHAT? You like apples too? NO WAY!’ It’s a sign.

Whether it’s a blind date, a new friend or someone chatting you up on the bus, there are ways to tell straight off if a guy’s interested in you. Yes to all of the below signals? He’s not just being friendly.

1. He agrees with you

When you add an opinion to the conversation, he nods like it’s the wisest thing he’s ever heard. At this point, you’re pretty sure you could argue that Pol Pot was a great humanitarian, and this guy would be all, ‘Yes. Yes he was.’

2. He gets personal

You’ve only just met, but somehow you’ve divulged how many siblings you have, your biggest fear and the fact that you actually really like Taylor Swift now and your soul is confused about it. You didn’t volunteer this information, but he magically extracted it. Smooth.

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3. He touches you

Not in a creepy, stroke-y way – in a nice, buddy-buddy way that makes you feel comfortable. If he’s sitting next to you and your legs are touching (and he’s not adjusting his position), or he grabs your arm when he’s about to get to his punch line, he liiiiikes yoooou.

4. He doesn’t break eye contact

Ain’t nothing gonna drag his attention away from this conversation. Kate Upton could strut past in a gold bikini, and he wouldn’t even notice. Why? Because gurl, your eyes are just too much for him. He could stare for days.

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5. He compliments you

Compliments – not catcalls. There’s a difference. If he mentions in passing that he likes the colour of your dress or that your hair looks cool, feel free to translate that as, ‘You are attractive. I am attracted to you.’

6. He seems almost too friendly

Okay, you know you’re funny, but he’s finding you next-level hilarious. And what you just said wasn’t even one of your finest funnies. Also, nobody has ever seemed quite so interested in your story about the time you were at Home Affairs for five hours. This guy is so friendly! Mm hmm. Sure. Try BOYfriendly.

7. He looks for a way to stay in touch

This first meeting shall not be your last – not on his watch, at least. You weren’t just some filler entertainment while he was making his way from point A to B. He has no plans of parting ways, and your number/e-mail/postal address is now a necessary commodity in his life.

8. He brags – humble or otherwise

Nobody likes a Braggy Bradley, but he doesn’t mean to do it – he just really wants to impress you. He has no idea how little you care about his ‘Most Improved Player’ medal. Don’t get too irritated with him – he just wants to be in your good books.

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9. He leans into you

You’ve just met him, but he’s all up in yo bidness. In his haste to get close to you, his whole torso is practically draped across the table. It’s not because he can’t hear what you’re saying – he is, quite simply, drawn to you, your wit and your charm. Can’t blame him, really.

10. He gets very excited when it turns out you have something in common

You’re fairly sure the two of you aren’t the only individuals on the planet who like Thai food, but he’s getting so excited about this ‘crazy’ coincidence that you’re starting to think you might be.

Remember: don’t underestimate a guy’s interest in you! If you have a feeling that he’s into you, you’re almost definitely right.

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