10 Rules to Make Your Relationship Last

Keep you and your partner happy.

Think your current partner is The One? Hanging onto your amazing relationship isn’t difficult to do if you follow these 10 simple rules.

1. Understand that you and your partner are not the same person

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is forgetting that you and your guy are different people with different needs. You could be perfectly happy with the way your relationship is going, but that doesn’t always mean your partner is. Pay attention to what he wants, too.

2. Know when it’s time to let an issue go

When you’ve had the same fight a hundred times before, and both of you are absolutely exhausted from saying the same thing every time, consider letting it go for good. If you know a fight isn’t going to go anywhere, why bother having it?

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3. Put as much emphasis on the friendship as you do on the romance

When you’re young, it’s tempting to get caught up in the romance of the relationship, particularly the physical aspects. As you get older, that stuff could fade. The friendship never does, though. So, remember to nurture your friendship with your partner.

4. Don’t make your partner your world

If your partner is your only source of happiness, there’s a problem: you’re placing far too much pressure on your relationship, and giving it too much room to fail. Have outside interests and other people you can spend one on one time with. In the end it will be much healthier for your relationship.

5. Remember why you fell in love

You’ll probably have days when your partner is annoying the crap out of you – it would be weird if there weren’t any. Remind yourself of why you love your partner – why you chose him out of everyone else. Once you remember that, the annoyances will seem ridiculously minor.

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6. Admit that you’re wrong when you’re wrong…

Or even, on occasion, when you’re not wrong. This can be incredibly difficult, but it will help your relationship in the biggest way. You don’t always have to be right in an argument. The fact is, sometime’s you’re not! Try to realise when you’re being unreasonable, and admit it.

7. It’s okay to be jealous, but not too jealous.

Jealousy in a relationship is healthy – it’s proof that you care. If some girl is shamelessly flirting with your guy, you have every right to be annoyed as hell. The problem arises when you lose trust in your partner. If he gets into trouble every time he so much as looks at another girl, maybe it’s time to calm down.

8. Don’t compare your relationship to other people’s

With social media, you only see the parts of people’s relationships that they want you to see. Another couple’s relationship could seem perfect from the outside, but that doesn’t mean it is. Spend your energy working to make your own relationship better rather than focussing on other people.

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9. Don’t stop flirting with each other

When you settle into a comfortable routine, it can be easy to forget to flirt with your partner. Every now and again, dress up for each other and do something so romantic it’s cringeworthy. Make an effort for each other, and keep ‘dating’ even when you’re way past the stage of dating.

10. Be appreciative

Don’t take your partner for granted. Say ‘Thank you’ for everything he does for you, especially the small things that don’t seem like they need to be acknowledged. The more you appreciate your partner, the more he’ll want to do for you.

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