10 Reasons to Break Up with a Guy Based Purely on His Hygiene

He doesn’t shower after gym.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to relate to these reasons to break up with someone…

1. He doesn’t shower after gym, sits on the couch in his smelly gym gear for hours and then gets into bed (sweaty and unwashed).


2. A random fart every now and then is okay but if he’s passing wind (often and loudly) while you’re eating or in bed or at your grandmother’s 90th birthday and is ‘oblivious’ to it, it’s time to show him the door.


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3. If he only changes his sheets every three months or so (once a week is preferable and we can accept every two weeks). The thought of getting into a bed that feels oily just makes our skin crawl – and who knows what bugs are lurking beneath those sheets…


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4. His toothbrush has bits of food in it – and he NEVER cleans it.


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5. When you smell something rancid and eventually find a three-week-old box of half-eaten pizza (that resembles a furry monster) behind the couch … and there are maggots…


6. Wearing the same clothes over and over again. In an interview with New!  magazine, Robert Pattinson was quoted as saying, ‘These jeans are a few days old. But the top is probably fresh because it gets to the point where even I can’t stand the air around me. I don’t know, my personal hygiene – it’s so disgusting.’ How did Kristen cope?


7. He goes to the bathroom just before bed and doesn’t wash his hands, then expects some  sexy time – we ain’t having none of that!


8. Peeing in the shower – NO compromising on this one.


9. Long, gnarly, dirty toenails – enough said.


10. He hardly ever washes his hair (even after gym) – imagine running your hands through greasy, smelly, dandruff-filled hair? Ewwwwwwwwww!


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