10 Cheaters Come Clean About Why They Did It

‘I lost sight of what I actually had, and instead focused on what I might be missing out on.’

Cheating. Whether it’s as blatant as what Carrie did to Aiden with Big in Sex And The City, or more obscure like Ross and Rachel’s ‘we were on a break’ debacle, it hurts like hell. We had a look through Reddit to find out why 10 cheaters did what they did.

1 ‘It was simply about scratching an itch that wasn’t getting taken care of at home. No more, no less.’

2 ‘It was one of those occasional encounters in life where there is a physical/sexual attraction that is so strong (and the chemistry while having sex was mind-blowing), that it’s hard not to experience it – even though neither of us were available nor wanted a relationship with each other. I’m not making excuses, but sometimes it’s just about sex.’

3 ‘I dated two different guys at once during university. One lived in town, the other was long-distance (we dated when I studied abroad). I was trying to end my relationship with my local boyfriend, but found it hard to leave him as he was an emotional wreck. I didn’t want to break things off with my foreign boyfriend, as he was exciting, new and better suited to my tastes (or so I thought at the time). I basically strung both of them along and in the end, both of them ending up going out with different girls. They deserved better, and I think they got it. That being said, I learnt what can happen when you cheat on someone you love, and how much it can hurt them. It’s been years since that lesson, and it was one of the hardest I ever learnt – how my selfishness can not only hurt me, but those I care about. I adore my boyfriend now, and can never imagine cheating on him.’

4 ‘For me, it was a matter of protection. If you’re insecure about a relationship and think the other person doesn’t like you as much as you like them, you might take an opportunity to cheat on them. If they hurt you in the end, you can protect yourself by saying that you didn’t care either and use the fact that you were cheating on them as evidence. It’s in an effort to reduce your vulnerability.’

5 ‘I lost sight of what I actually had, and instead focused on what I might be missing out on.’

6 ‘I was not getting what I needed from my relationship. I still loved the guy I was with but knew he didn’t love me back. I needed to feel loved or at least appreciated in some way, so I sought approval from other guys to make up for it, even if it was just for sex.’

7 ‘The relationship had just gone through a major change (from long-distance for over a year to basically living together), and I wasn’t completely ready for it. I freaked out and cheated. I came clean, we broke up and I regret it to this day.’

8 ‘I cheated on my husband because he was lazy and selfish in bed. I wanted foreplay and an orgasm.’

9 ‘My girlfriend and I made some pretty poor decisions as a couple and ended up being financially reliant on each other. I felt stuck and unhappy, and so I cheated.’

10 ‘I just didn’t have the maturity at that point to understand the consequences of my actions. I was incredibly selfish and just wanted what I wanted when I wanted it.’

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