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COSMO Tries 3 Vibrators That Will Tickle Your Pink This Valentine’s Day

COSMO Tries 3 Vibrators That Will Tickle Your Pink This Valentine’s Day

RELATIONSHIPS The Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Break Up, Text Their Ex, and Cry Over Being Single This Valentine’s Day - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 01:58pm

Who am I to argue with the stars?

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS How to Eskom-proof your Valentine's Day - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 09:51am

Candles, candles, candles!

RELATIONSHIPS Mars in Taurus Will Majorly Sex Up Your Valentine's Day - COSMO | 12 February 2019 | 01:27pm

The planet of sexual desire in the most sensual sign? HELLO 🔥🔥🔥

RELATIONSHIPS In Your Feelings? Blame Mercury in Pisces - COSMO | 08 February 2019 | 01:17pm

You're definitely softer, which (mostly) isn't a bad thing!

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 15 Things People Would Confess to Their SO if They Knew They Wouldn't Get in Trouble - Christy Chilimigras | 07 February 2019 | 01:38pm

'I also matched your twin brother and you both messaged me'

RELATIONSHIPS The Best Valentine's Day Movies Based on Which Lucky Soul Gets to Watch Them With You - COSMO | 06 February 2019 | 03:12pm

Are they ready to see you ugly cry?

RELATIONSHIPS I Slept With The First Guy I Matched on Tinder and This is What Happened - COSMO | 06 February 2019 | 01:20pm

"I went to bed with a stranger, only to wake up with Brett."

RELATIONSHIPS How to Catch a Cheater - COSMO | 05 February 2019 | 04:49pm

Do NOT go through their phone.

RELATIONSHIPS 12 Best Buys for Bae this Valentine's Day You Can Shop Right Now - Helen Wallace | 05 February 2019 | 04:32pm

Because giving gifts is a love language, you know 💓

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Please Do Not Talk About These 7 Things Immediately After Sex - Christy Chilimigras | 05 February 2019 | 04:31pm

It's NOT the time to DTR, girl.

RELATIONSHIPS We Made Pop Culture Valentines For Literally Every Love Scenario You Might Be In - COSMO | 31 January 2019 | 12:25pm

Stop acting like V-Day is the Fyre Festival of holidays. Don't @ me

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Get Ready to Feel a LOT Smarter with Mercury in Aquarius - COSMO | 25 January 2019 | 02:16pm

The planet of communication in the most intellectual sign? Yeah,