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The Boy's On the Side

The Boy's On the Side

RELATIONSHIPS The Young And The Restless - COSMO | 23 May 2008 | 12:00am

Young guys might be cute but if you're over 25

SEX On The Edge - COSMO | 22 May 2008 | 12:00am

Your man will be in the best position to kiss your face, and so much more

RELATIONSHIPS Don't Go Changing - COSMO | 21 May 2008 | 12:00am

Compromise is the key to any functional relationship

RELATIONSHIPS Bush Warfare - COSMO | 13 May 2008 | 12:00am

You think having a bikini wax is bad? Try getting rid of a chestful of hair

SEX The Lap Dance - COSMO | 12 May 2008 | 12:00am

Your guy will be fantasising about the view for weeks to come

RELATIONSHIPS Rule Of Tongue - COSMO | 05 May 2008 | 12:00am

Apart from being a relatively fun thing to do, kissing

SEX Sex Goddess In a Mess? - COSMO | 28 April 2008 | 12:00am

Steer clear of these libido busters and get it on!

SEX Sex: Stuff nobody talks about - COSMO | 01 January 1970 | 12:00am

Sex: We're Talking About It