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The Best Valentine's Day Movies Based on Which Lucky Soul Gets to Watch Them With You

The Best Valentine's Day Movies Based on Which Lucky Soul Gets to Watch Them With You

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"I went to bed with a stranger, only to wake up with Brett."

RELATIONSHIPS How to Catch a Cheater - COSMO | 05 February 2019 | 04:49pm

Do NOT go through their phone.

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Because giving gifts is a love language, you know 💓

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It's NOT the time to DTR, girl.

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Stop acting like V-Day is the Fyre Festival of holidays. Don't @ me

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The planet of communication in the most intellectual sign? Yeah,

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Right now is the best time to be unattached. Here's why.

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'So, uh, have you ever played basketball?'

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The (love) doctor will see you now.

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Capricorn season's been rough, but it's almost over!

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Something Called a 'Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse' Is on Its Way to F*ck You Up - COSMO | 18 January 2019 | 02:55pm

🐺 🌕 = possible breakups. Eek, sorry!

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An LGBTQ+ relationships therapist shares the signs to look out for.