MTV's New Show 'Ghosted' is Super Problematic And Here's Why


MTV has been the home of some of the best binge-worthy reality TV shows. I mean, who doesn’t love watching back-to-back episodes of Catfish?


But their latest show, which is called Ghosted, is making people feel ALL KINDS of freaked out.

Ghosted: An Overview

A snippet of MTV’s upcoming reality show Ghosted has been released. And while the series doesn’t actually air until 10 September, the trailer alone has left viewers with lots of, er, feelings. In it, the two hosts of the show respond to requests from jilted peeps and try to track down the people who disappeared from their lives without a word. Basically, they are tracking down ‘ghosters’ on behalf of ‘ghostees’. Sounds like a recipe for a juicy show, but the creators have failed to take into account the *multitude of reasons* why people ghost in the first place.

Maybe some people inexplicably cut-off contact because they’re flakey or awkward. But this isn’t the only situation. Sometimes it could be because they are scared, or the other person made them feel uncomfortable. And, TBH, if someone you ghosted showed up on your doorstep with a camera crew demanding answers, you were definitely better off not having them in your life to begin with. Stalker, much?

So while this might make for some interesting viewing, it is sending out the message that hunting down your ghosters is okay. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Back to Catfish binges for us!

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