#MasturbationMonth: 5 Great Reasons to Get Off, Like, Right Now

Go ahead, treat yo’self!

May is the month of celebrating masturbation and since we’re all about a little solo (or not-so-solo) play, we put together a list of why it’s important AF to master the art of self-love. So whether you’re a bean-flicking beginner or a Master Bator (see what we did there?), here are five excellent reasons to light a few candles, whip out the lube and (as the saying goes) treat yo’self this #MasturbationMonth.


1 Bye stress, hello happy!

Masturbation in a natural mood-lifter. Duh, because it feels damn great…

But seriously, did you know that masturbating releases feel-good chemicals in the brain? Like endorphins (your body’s badass pain and stress relievers) and dopamine (the pleasure chemical). Some studies suggest it can even help with depression so, if you’re feeling down, this month is the perfect opportunity to show yourself some love.

For multiple mood-enhancing orgasms, you wanna investigate The Rhino from IMTOY’s Zoo Collection, which is available online at Désir. Not only is it a total cutie, but this dual stimulation ‘rabbit-style’ vibrator boasts two motors that produce some hella good vibrations. The Rhino has an elegant horn, which produces direct and targeted stimulation to the clitoris, while the gently curved tip provides internal G-spot stimulation. Basically, The Rhino sheds a whole new light on the term ‘give it horns’!


Available at Désir Intimate Collection (R1 799)

Watch the tutorial here:

2 Period pains? What are those? 

In case you needed another reason to masturbate (which you don’t, but here you go anyway), a good old-fashioned pleasure sesh can help alleviate menstrual cramps. Really! In fact, it may actually be the best solution for some. Orgasms help strengthen the pelvic floor and improve blood flow to the genitals. During orgasm, your tolerance for pain goes up – hence the sweet, sweet relief. Sign us the heck up, fam.

If you’re keen to kick them cramps to the kerb, then you’ll adore  The Gazelle, also belonging to IMTOY’s Zoo Collection. If penetration isn’t on your mind (you’re on your period, after all), this two-in-one waterproof clitoral stimulator and massage wand is your first step to cramp-free bliss. Use it on its own (as a traditional wand massager for all-round body stress release and pleasure), or attach the two rabbit-style ‘ears’ and enjoy ah-mazing clitoral stimulation.



Available at Désir Intimate Collection (R1 799)

Watch the tutorial here:

3 It feels so damn good

Hands up if you think masturbating is the living best!

Us too, fam.

What could possibly be better than taking your sexual pleasure and orgasm-having ability into your own hands? One of the best things you can do for yourself this #MasturbationMonth is to stop thinking of getting off as something that depends on another person. It’s time to take back that power, kween!

IMTOY’S revolutionary Giraffe is a luxury, ergonomically designed, whisper-quiet (no more awkward buzzing on family holidays!) miracle vibrator that can be used to directly stimulate the G-spot or clitoris. It’s the perfect, classic first addition to any goddess’s self-love toolbox.


Available at Désir Intimate Collection (R1 699)

Watch the tutorial here:


4 Ah-mazing sex with your partner

Solo missions are one of the best ways to figure out what you like in bed. Full stop. By figuring out what you like, you can school your boo – resulting in sex that puts Ryan and Rachel circa The Notebook to shame.

What we’re saying is: do yourself, and your partner, a favour by carving out some me-time. Once you’re both comfortable, you can even masturbate together.

IMTOY’s Dolphin Luxury Couples Smart Vibrator is specifically designed for couples who are looking to dial their mutual masturbation up a notch. It interacts with your media, music and even your voice, and is completely waterproof – making it the perfect accessory to add to bedroom time with bae.


Available at Désir Intimate Collection (R1 799)

Watch the tutorial here:


5 Better sleep for days

You know that amazing feeling after sex when all you want to do is roll over and close your eyes? This happens because your blood pressure has lowered and endorphins have been released. So next time you find yourself saucer-eyed at 3am before a client presentation, why not masturbate? It’s way more exciting than counting sheep and drinking a glass of milk 😉

To view more of IMTOY’s ZOO Collection, visit Désir Intimate Collection here.

Use the promo code IMTOY2017 to get R150 off any IMTOY product at Désir until end July 2017.

This post was sponsored by Désir and IMTOY.


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