6 Common Myths about Male Circumcision Debunked

The differences between snipped and un-snipped.

Circumcision is a controversial topic, but we’re not here to unpack the ethics behind the procedure, we just want the facts.

Both circumcised and uncircumcised penises have their own pros and cons. Some prefer the look of a circumcised guy and consider them more ‘hygienic’ (BTW, as long as the guy is using his Radox sufficiently, his penis should be clean enough, circumcised or not), while others like the foreskin because it makes hand- and blow-jobs way easier (lazy girls unite).

There are a lot of myths and half-truths around circumcision. Let’s unpack a few of them:

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Circumcised penises are cleaner Maybe this was true back in the day, but hygiene has come a long way since keeping a bedpan under your bed was a thing. If the guy is showering or bathing at least once a day, it’s unlikely his penis is going to be any less clean than someone who is circumcised. Think of how your labia have folds and crevices? It’s no different to keeping that area clean, and you manage just fine.


Circumcision prevents the transmission of HIV This is not completely true but interestingly, it does reduce the risk of spreading HIV. Studies have shown that chances of transmitting HIV decrease by 60% when the guy is circumcised. That’s a pretty huge number, and makes for a compelling argument to encourage circumcision, especially in South Africa where HIV is so prevalent. There should definitely be no stigma around sleeping with someone who isn’t circumcised, though, and you need to be wearing a condom regardless.

Circumcised men don’t enjoy sex as much While sexual enjoyment is hard to quantify, this just can’t be true, or there would be a whole lot more men campaigning against circumcision. It has been shown that circumcision decreases sensitivity, but this means they last longer (a whopping 20 seconds), not that they enjoy it less. Sex feels good, whether he’s circumcised or not.

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You’re more likely to catch an STD if a guy is uncircumcised The foreskin can trap moisture underneath it, which can make a breeding ground for bacteria, but there aren’t any conclusive studies to show that you’re more likely to get STDs from an uncircumcised man. Again, wear a condom and you’ll be fine. And if you’ve heard old wive’s tales of uncircumcised men giving women bacterial vaginosis, note that this has been disproven.


Sex also feels different for the woman This is true. An uncircumcised penis is softer, and more ‘velvet-y’ (if you’ve touched an un-snipped guy, you’ll know the texture we’re talking about). This means the skin requires less lubricant and you’re less likely to feel discomfort as the foreskin reduces friction, so if your partner is circumcised you might want to grab a bit more lube.

You should handle a circumcised penis differently to an uncircumcised one In general, all penises like the same thing (it’s an up-and-down motion, in case you didn’t know) but there are some moves that work better, depending on their circumcised status. If he has foreskin, remember that the head is going to be super-sensitive because it spends most of its time hidden away under that skin. Use the foreskin as a buffer between your hand and the head, and it’ll feel almost as good as if he was doing it himself.


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