Losers Deluxe (Part Two)

Read up on how these real boys humiliated themselves – big time.

Read up on how these real boys humiliated themselves – big time.

Buy-Buy, Baby!
‘I’d wanted to ask out this hot girl from one of my classes for a long time, and finally I worked up the courage to do it. A mutual friend of ours told me that the girl loved this restaurant in town, so l took her there. When we got to the restaurant, I was shocked at how high the prices were. I had severely underestimated how much money I would need, and I’d left my credit card in the jeans I’d worn earlier that day. I sweated bullets all throughout dinner waiting for the bill. When it finally came, I put in the cash for my half and told her – mortified – that I didn’t have enough money for hers. I tried to explain why I didn’t have my credit card with me, but she didn’t seem too interested. I felt like such a loser and never asked her out again’
– Julian*, 21

Bare Hug
‘While I lived with my parents, I got into the habit of walking around the house naked whenever they were gone. One day, I was home alone and about to hop in the shower. As I walked down the hallway towards the bathroom door, it swung open. My grandma had decided to drop by unannounced! My room was too far away to hurry back easily, so I just stood there in front of her, completely nude. To make things even more awkward, she acted like nothing was wrong, gave me a hug, and made a comment about how much older I looked since the last time she saw me.’
– Richard*, 20

Beer Goggles, Please!
‘I decided to take a girl I really liked to my res dance. We had a few drinks and then sat down at our table, where I introduced her to one of my res buddies. Later, he jokingly suggested, "You two should kiss now." She quickly responded, "No, I’m not drunk enough yet."’
– Chris*, 21

‘I have this friend who always takes my DVDs and doesn’t give them back. One night, he was going on a date, and they were going to watch a movie at his place. Of course, he asked to borrow one of mine, so I came up with a sneaky plan to get him back. When he came by, I handed him a disc and told him it was a total chick flick – the perfect date movie. When he popped the DVD into his machine and pressed play, though, he realised that I’d actually given him something from my porn collection and just put a new label on the disc. Needless to say, he hasn’t been able to convince the girl to go out with him again.’
– Rob*, 21

Press 1 for Humiliation
‘I had been seeing a girl for a while and decided it was finally time to end things for good. After an evening full of SMSing back and forth – she was trying to convince me to stay together – I broke up with her. The next day, I flew to Durban to meet up with an old friend. The discussion turned to my ex-girlfriend, and I decided to show my friend some of the crazy SMS’s I’d received from her. As I was looking for the messages, I kept talking about how glad I was that I’d broken things off. Instead of going into my messages, though, I must have dialled my ex’s number, because I accidentally left her a 16-minute-long message about all the reasons I hated her. I didn’t find out until the next morning, when I got a SMS from her telling me to go screw myself.’
– Jared*, 39

*Names have been changed

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