Our Top 6 Last-Minute Things to Do This Valentine's Day

You weren’t going to do anything, but now you are, so now what?

So, you said you weren’t going to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day ‘cos, psssh, who cares right? But now that it’s getting closer you’re having second thoughts. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to organise something sweet to do, to surprise the one you love/like/lust after.

Here are some of our top picks the usual dinner and drinks:

1 Go To The Movies (With A Twist)

Most couples go to the cinema, but you two are special and want something more unique (but you still want to eat Whispers and popcorn).

Get yourselves tickets to watch a screening of Valentine’s Day under the stars at the Gallileo Open Air Cinema. Or watch something totally not soppy like the ’90s cult classic True Romance at The Bioscope.


2 Treat Yourselves

Could there be anything more romantic than lying kinda close to each other while strangers rub your backs? I don’t think so. Valentine’s Day specials and spas go hand-in-hand so look around for deals for couples in your area.

To name a few you could go to: Angels Retreat in Gauteng, Ginko Spa in Cape Town or Spa Durban in, you guessed it, Durban.

3 Pay Someone To Make You Laugh

Going to watch comedy together is a good middle-ground between watching a film (where there’s no talking) and going for dinner (where there’s constant talking); ideal for shy people!

You can chat between sets but otherwise you’re sorted for entertainment and pretty much guaranteed to spend the night laughing. Hit up The Cape Town Comedy Club for their Anti-Valentine’s Day Comedy Show or Montecasino for Your Funny Valentine.

4 Cook A Meal Together

The main reason we don’t try out new recipes often enough is because there are so many ingredients you need to make it truly delicious that it actually works out cheaper to just grab a ready-made meal. Like, I just want to make some hummus, why do I need to buy a whole 1kg tub of expensive tahini?! Also because we’re lazy AF.

Cooking your v-day crush a thoughtful and (hopefully) delicious meal is a great way to show them how much you care about them and their tastebuds.

Sign up for UCOOK, browse their meal options and choose which one sounds the most impressive. They’ll deliver just the right amount of every ingredient to your door along with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s up to you whether you tell your date that you had some help or take all the credit.

Alternatively cook together ‘cos cooking can be sexy.


5 Get Cultured

Going to a museum or gallery together is cool because you learn stuff, but you’re also bonding with each other. Also you get to post about it on your Instastory and look hella cultured. Think of it like watching a documentary on Netflix except you’re actually getting out of the house.

If you’re in Cape Town and you haven’t been to the spectacular Zeitz MOCAA yet then Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity as it’s free for African citizens between 10am and 1pm on Wednesdays.

6 A Picnic In The Botanical Gardens

Most major cities in South Africa have a local botanical garden you can visit. Pack a picnic, a blanket to sit on and your bae and head to the botanical garden closest to you (here’s a whole list of them). Ideal for those of us who are on a budget but still want to look like we made an effort to be romantic.

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