How to Take the Perfect Thirst Trap Photo

Learn from the best (celebs).

Look, it’s great to take selfies to feel good about yourself, but sometimes you have someone in mind when you snap that fire pic of yourself. Mainly, a new crush or an ex. That’s where the thirst trap comes in: It’s a photo, or sometimes even just a message, that exudes flirty vibes and reminds people of how hot you are (if they needed reminding at all).

While thirst traps are not always intentional, taking one can be somewhat of an art form. It’s the Instagram equivalent of Cher’s plot to attract Christian in Clueless, though TBH, you can also just do it to get a validating DM without actually wanting a new partner. That part’s up to you!

So if you want to perfect your thirst trap game, here are some techniques to consider:

The Myspace


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Chilling 🙂

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The universally-flattering Myspace angle remains notorious for trying too hard, but when done right (AKA not a full bird’s eye view), you can reap all the benefits of good lighting and a hint of cleave without making anyone think of the year 2007.

The Swimsuit Edition


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mind is here 🌼☁️

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Duh, bikinis are hot, and your tropical vacation might as well be a goldmine of thirst traps you can conveniently #TBT when you need a lil’ ego boost.

The Up Close N’ Personal


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It’s easy to only think of body shots for thirst traps, but a standard, close-up selfie when your makeup’s on point and your skincare routine has more than paid off is a pretty great way of thirst trapping, especially if you’re still shy about the concept of posting overt ones.

The Full-On Flaunt


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Getting a full body shot of your outfit that also happens to make you look bomb is the best way to show off your style AND your assets.

The Imagi-date


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this icy pink shadow from my Chill Baby Palette > 👀💘

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Getting your friend to snap a photo of you where you look like the hottest date ever can make your crush (or hopefully-remorseful ex) think of just that. Alt: take a photo of the table to actually make it look like you’re on a date with someone, when it’s really just your BFF. Cher Horowitz would approve!

The Group Effort


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@kkwbeauty Contour Singles Available NOW kkwbeauty.com

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The arguable queen of thirst traps is none other than Kim Kardashian, and for good reason: She enlists help. While you may not be able to afford a professional selfie photographer, you CAN just ask your friend to really work with you to get that shot you could never achieve on your own.


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See? Thirst traps bring people together in all kinds of ways, best friends included.

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