How 10 Women Would *Really* Feel If Their Partner Asked to be Pegged

‘I’d be ecstatic if he asked!’

When it comes to pegging, women have a lot of mixed feelings. Not sure what pegging is exactly? Pegging is when a woman performs anal intercourse on a man with the help of a strap-on dildo. A woman can also peg another woman. Gone are the days of the ‘that makes a man gay’ shtick (thank god – obviously), but that doesn’t mean it’s up everyone’s alley (LOL).

A woman took to Reddit to ask how other women would feel if their partner asked them to be pegged, and whether they’d do it or not.

Here’s what 10 women would do if their partner asked to be pegged

1 As long as he understands that I haven’t a clue what I’m doing

‘…and can’t guarantee I wouldn’t hurt him.’

2 I wouldn’t use a strap on because they’re boring and unwieldy to me, no

‘But I’d absolutely use toys on his butt that were hand held. Have done, do enjoy, would do again.’

3 No

‘It’s not something I find sexy at all and it would completely turn me off. It’s just not something I want to do or am interested in.’

4 I don’t think I’d want to start right with that

‘… but it could be something we worked up to.’


5 Not sure – anal sex is not that appealing to me

‘If I had an actual penis with sensation, then I’m sure I would be interested in penetrating with it, but a dildo wouldn’t give the same feeling.

If he asked, I guess I would give it a try. As long as he didn’t want me to do some dominatrix thing. I’m not comfortable with doing BDSM stuff. But if it’s just for pleasure, then I wouldn’t mind penetrating him.’

6 I honestly don’t know if I would

‘Butt stuff in general makes me incredibly uncomfortable and I just really want none of it. I had a bad experience with it and I’ve really just been turned off by the entire concept ever since. I wouldn’t want to associate our sex life with bad memories that make me uncomfortable.’

7 If that’s what he wants, then sure!

‘I might not want to use a strap on, but toys are cool. I know for a lot of dudes it’s a really pleasurable experience.’

8 I’m actually the one who keeps trying to convince him to do it

‘… so I’d be ecstatic if he asked!’


9 I would try it

‘It’s not going to hurt me and if he would really enjoy it then sure, why not? I actually did have an SO ask me but we broke up before we tried it.’

10 I’ve thought about this a lot actually!

‘I’ve always been half curious about trying it. Sometimes I feel penis envy cause they are just super cool and fun to play with! But a strap on wouldn’t really fix that.

Anyways for a long long time I’ve always wanted to try it for whatever reason. Maybe power dynamic or just because gay porn turns me on maybe but not 100% solid on why I wanted to try it. I’ve always so never pushed the issue. I’ll jokingly mention it when with some people but that’s about it’

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