3 [NSFW] Girl-On-Girl Sex Stories Guaranteed to Make You Sweat

‘I suppose that means you’re not wearing any panties’

I’m going to level with you. It was only very recently that I started reading Literotica at the insistence of a best friend who’s helping me on my journey to learn how to orgasm. In case you’re as clueless as I was, Literotica is a treasure trove of erotica. Written by users who sign up as authors, you’ll find everything from lesbian love stories to tales of BDSM.

Safe to say this piece isn’t exactly safe for work.

We’ve pulled excerpts from three of the steamiest girl-on-girl stories on Literotica.

Brittany and Me

By annag98©

It was Saturday morning and I awoke, naked as usual, in my bed, the covers slightly dishevelled. I’d had an unusual night of dreams and had obviously been somewhat restless. I was still feeling a little out of my depth. I’d been in New York for three months with the idea of expanding my accountancy practice but was finding the US financial system to be a lot more complicated than I had ever expected. I had made some good friends and was seemingly being courted by the great and the good, but that had so far failed to turn into any actual business. My apartment was costing me a fortune, but I was determined to make this work.

I came up with the idea of hosting a party, inviting some of those business contacts and seeing if it led anywhere. I had sent out invites and, on a whim, had sent one out to one of my friends’ daughters. Brittany was enchanting and I thought she might bring a more down-to-earth reality to any gathering. I wasn’t sure how old she was, but I guessed early twenties. I wanted and needed the event to be different. Not just some regular New York socialite do.

‘I had sent out invites and, on a whim, had sent one out to one of my friends’ daughters’

The invites had gone out the day before, and that’s probably why I lay in bed thinking about Brittany. She had somehow featured in one of my dreams, and it wasn’t exactly what you would call an innocent one.

I recalled how, in my dream world, she had walked into my bedroom, naked, and lay down beside me. Kissing me everywhere, starting at my forehead my nose, my lips, on down to my breasts and on…

The memory started stirrings in me and I let my right hand wander down over my bald mound, delighting in that exposed nakedness that I was still getting used to after having my first ever wax and depilation just before I’d moved here, and which I’d had ‘topped up’ only two days earlier. I lazily opened my legs and let my finger wander down between my lips and over my clit. I moaned as the feelings ran through me. I felt my pussy already contracting in anticipation of the orgasm I was going to give her. My other hand went to my right breast and I squeezed pinky tightly and let the feelings link. An image of Brittany sitting naked next to me, watching, came into my mind and this made my finger dance more quickly. I could feel my orgasm building and I let my practised finger work its magic.

To read the rest of Brittany and Me, head here.


By Anonymous

Half an hour later, we we’re in my bed, our clothes were strewn across the floor and our hands all over each other. Despite Leah’s best efforts in the taxi I’m still not really feeling into this, my insides are fluttering with nerves and anxiety, there’s no excitement.

As soon as I’m able too, I roll Leah onto her back and am thankful she allows me to take control of the situation. I slip my hand between her thighs and push two fingers straight into her, perhaps a little roughly but her loud moans indicate that she likes it. Normally I’d take my time with this but right now all I want to do is sleep. I curl my fingers upwards searching for that magic spot and thankfully find it quickly. Leah’s fingernails dig painfully into my back as I pump my fingers in and out of her.

“Oh, fuck yes!” She shouts loudly. “I knew you’d be a good fuck Cora!”

‘I curl my fingers upwards searching for that magic spot’

I slide my fingers in and out faster, using my thumb to rub her clit as I take her nipple between my teeth and bite down gently.

“Harder Cora!” She shouts again. “That feels so good…fuck me…ah…fuck me harder…”

I add a third finger and press into her as hard as I can, I feel her fingernails pierce the skin on my back and groan in pain, this seems to turn Leah on more as her legs wrap around my ass and her body starts to shake.

It only takes a few more seconds for her to cum.

Slowly I pull out of her and lay down on my back beside her, she doesn’t try to speak, just lays there with a triumphant grin on her face. I watch her chest rise and fall, her breathing deepening with each breath.

To read the rest of Sessions, head here.

Babes in the Woods

By LacieLovegood

Christy stared at her friend; Meghan’s comment had taken her by surprise. Christy had always thought of Meghan as the sexy one and that she was just the sidekick. She wasn’t tall and tan like Meghan and men’s’ gazes seem to glide right over her to land on Meghan. With her blonde hair and warm, brown eyes, Meghan had always attracted a male following. She had the outgoing, vivacious personality to match Christy envied her for that. She wished that she could be that carefree.

She looked at her friend with admiration. Only Meghan could look buxom on a camping trip. Her khaki shorts rode up on her long, lean legs. Her camp shirt stretched against her shapely breasts and Christy realized that it was very sheer, too. Meghan’s nipples were hard and poked through the fabric.

“Meg, are you wearing a bra?” Christy asked.

“No,” Meghan replied with a smile, “I’m getting back to nature and I take it very seriously. Undergarments are far too restricting.”

“I suppose that means you’re not wearing any panties, either.”

“That’s right, I’m not wearing any and it feels great.”

“That must be nice,” said Christy.

“You should give it a try,” said Meghan.

‘I suppose that means you’re not wearing any panties’

Christy thought it over. She had always wanted to be as carefree as her friend and now she had her chance. Meghan was right: being in the great outdoors could be liberating. Suddenly, all her worries seemed so trivial. It was difficult to worry about anything while listening to the rustling of trees in the wind and the chirping of birds.

She eyed her friend and imagined how it must feel to feel the sun warming her skin through her clothes. She couldn’t help but picture what Meghan’s body looked like underneath her clothes. She imagined that her breasts were full and smooth. She could also picture her erect nipples and wondered what it felt like to take them into her mouth.

To read the rest of Babes in the Woods, head here.

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