Confessions Continued

Dudes tell us their dodgy deeds…

Dudes tell us their dodgy deeds…

Steam Scream
‘I joined a gym, and after my first workout, I decided to relax in the sauna. The place was under renovation, and I didn’t see any signs that designated which changing area was the men’s, so I asked a guy who was leaving the gym and he told me where it was. I walked into the locker room, took off my clothes, and strode into the sauna with a towel wrapped around my waist. I sat down and, to my surprise, was face-to-face with a topless girl! She freaked out and started screaming. I realised that I had inadvertently gone into the women’s locker room, so I jumped up and ran out of the sauna to grab my clothes and then went into the other locker room to get dressed. On my way out, the guy at the front desk confronted me. I tried to explain the mishap, but I guess the woman put up a fuss, because he kicked me out of the club on charges of inappropriate behaviour.’
– Sam*, 30

Bad Medicine
‘I am an administrative assistant to the chief-of-staff at a hospital. One summer I had to work alongside his teenage daughter. She was a spoiled brat who always showed up late, and l would have to cover for her. On top of that, she brought her cell phone everywhere and I could overhear her conversations. When she called her friend and said she just swiped some prescription pills from a storage cabinet, I decided it was time for her to get the boot. After she stepped out to go to the bathroom, l cut a slit in the bottom of her book bag. Later, when she picked up her bag to leave for the day, a bunch of trial-size packets fell out onto the floor… in front of her dad and several doctors. She was fired on the spot, and I never had to put up with her again!’
– Greg*, 29

In The Neck Of Time
‘My girlfriend, Nicole, and I went to different universities that were two hours away from each other, so she always complained that we never spent enough time together. One night, we got into a bad fight because she wanted me to skip a weekend with friends to go and see her. I was pissed off after our spat, so I went to a bar where I ran into a pretty girl who lives down the hall. I went back to her room, and we had a hardcore make-out session. When I returned to my place, Nicole called me and said how sorry she was. She insisted that she wanted to drive down and see me that night. Two hours later, she knocked on my door, but when I got up to let her in, I looked in the mirror and saw I had a huge purple hickey on my neck! Before I opened the door, I turned off the lights and shut the curtains. When she walked into the room, I said I wanted to make things up to her by having passionate sex. When we started messing around, I asked her to kiss my neck. The next morning, Nicole thought the hickey was from her.’
– Marcus*, 22

*Names have been changed

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