Boys Bare All (Part Two)

Yoh-yoh-yoh! Real guys reveal their most cringeworthy moments…

Yoh-yoh-yoh! Real guys reveal their most cringeworthy moments…

How To Lose a Girl In 10 Minutes
‘I went to a club with a bunch of my buddies. They all met girls, but no girl seemed to have any interest in me. I spent most of the evening at the bar, throwing back drinks, trying to drown my misery. We finally left to catch a shuttle home, and as soon as we got on, I noticed this hot girl by herself. She smiled, and I sat down beside her and struck up a conversation. I was about to ask for her number when a wave of nausea hit me. I puked on the floor next to her, and until the next stop, she – and everyone else in the car – had to deal with the smell. Obviously, l didn’t get her number.’
– Lloyd*, 23

Corporate Karma
‘My boss treated everyone at the company like crap. I was so frustrated that I hatched a plan to get her to stop being such a bitch. I called her superior and told her that l was one of the company’s clients but preferred to remain anonymous. I explained that I was concerned with her lack of professionalism and I’d heard she didn’t treat her employees with respect. I told her superior that if she didn’t readjust her attitude, I would seriously consider taking my business elsewhere. I’d only meant for my boss to be reprimanded, but the next week, the head honcho called her in for a meeting and my boss got so upset that she quit!’
– Dave*, 19

The Parent Trap
‘I went with my new girlfriend to her parents’ holiday house for the weekend. I was nervous about meeting her dad, since she’d mentioned that he was really protective of his only daughter. After a big dinner the first evening, I headed to the guest room. In the middle of the night, I woke up with bad indigestion, so I went to my girlfriend’s bedroom – wearing my boxers – to find medicine. All of a sudden, the lights came on. Her dad was standing in the doorway, glaring at me. I tried to explain, but he just told me to go to bed. The next day, he confronted me about interrupting his daughter’s sleep just because I was feeling randy. I haven’t gone back since.’
– Ben*, 24

Catty Creep
‘The girl I was dating was a total animal lover. I can’t stand pets, but I pretended to love her cat and brought it treats every so often. When she went away on holiday, she asked me to cat-sit. I was so caught off guard that I said yes. I pretty much ignored the cat for the rest of the week, except to give it food and water. The day before my girlfriend returned, I must have left the door open while taking out the rubbish because when I came back, the cat was gone. I didn’t want to seem irresponsible, so I invented a story about how the landlord had come to check the smoke alarms while I was gone and must have let the cat out. She asked me to file a complaint with the building manager. I agreed, but months later, I still haven’t done it.’
– Lukhanyo*, 30

*Names have been changed

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