And The Truth Comes Out… (Part Two)

Unbelievable acts of idiocy… once again.

Unbelievable acts of idiocy… once again.

Too Ballsy
‘My co-worker’s sister came to town and went to happy hour with a bunch of us from the office. We ended up hitting it off and decided to exchange phone numbers. The next day, out of the blue, she messaged me, ‘What’s your favourite position?’ I thought that was a little forward, but I went with it and replied, ‘Standing up, from the back. What’s yours?’ She wrote back ‘Loose head prop. What are you talking about?’ I was mortified. I had completely forgotten about our extensive rugby conversation the night before.’
– Rich*, 26

Latex Lost
‘My first time having sex I finished so quickly that I was embarrassed to tell the girl, so I tried to continue thrusting, but I became soft. A few minutes later, I noticed that the condom has slipped off. In a panic, we began frantically searching everywhere – in the sheets, on the floor, under the pillows. The only other place it could have been was inside her. For what seemed like hours, we both tried unsuccessfully to pull it out of her vagina. We had to go to the emergency room at 3am to get it removed.’
– Justin*, 23

Aunts In His Pants
‘I used to be a hockey coach for little kids, and one of the moms was a total MILF. We flirted, and I could tell she was into me. Since she was older and married, I tried to stay away from her. That all changed when she called me out of the blue one day. I thought she had a question about her son’s game… but I was wrong. Things progressed, and we started talking all the time outside of practice and games. One day, she invited me to her house and we hooked up. Nothing happened after that so I figured it was a one-time thing. A few months later, I started dating this new girl I really liked. After about two months, she invited me to dinner to meet her family. I met her parents, and everything was going great when in walked the MILF! It turned out that she was my new girlfriend’s aunt. We said hi to each other, and no one caught on to the situation, but I felt so bad I ended up telling my girlfriend. She dumped me and got in a huge fight with her aunt.’
– Rob*, 25

*Names have been changed

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