9 Guys Who Are Fine to Date, But Have Zero Long-Term Potential

If he says he isn’t ready for a relationship, believe him.

It’s time to stop wasting your years on the relationships that won’t go anywhere with the guys who don’t want them to. Some guys are fine to hang out with, but when it comes to long-term potential? Don’t hold your breath. Here are the 9 guys you shouldn’t get too invested in.

1. The guy who doesn’t know how WhatsApp works. He only responds to you when it suits him. Some of your messages go completely ignored, and others get a reply within seconds. It all depends on what mood he’s in, and he doesn’t really care what you think about it. This guy doesn’t understand the concept of ‘consistency’.

2. The guy you keep dating because he’s hot. If you’re being honest, he’s a pretty crappy human and, mentally, you’re not compatible at all. Remember – that face won’t look that way forever, but his personality is likely to stay the same.

3. The guy whose social media is basically like an ode to Scott Disick. Is he a club promoter? A socialite? A lord? No? Then maybe he can slow down with the clubbing and grow up a little bit.

4. The guy who is a flake of note. Making plans with him can drain your life and your soul. He’s either never available, or he cancels on you. At the last possible second. While you’re on your way to his flat, in fact.

5. The guy who repeatedly insists that condoms are ‘so uncomfortable’. Know what else is uncomfortable? STIs. An unplanned pregnancy. University fees.

6. The guy who ‘just isn’t ready for a relationship’. This sucks, but it’s something we all have to come to terms with: if a guy says this, he’s not lying. Believe him when he says it. It’s not your job to change his mind, and he’s not trying to pose it as a challenge.

7. The guy who’s hot then he’s cold then he’s yes then he’s no. You are getting actual whiplash from watching his mind change. One minute he’s acting like you’re the woman he’s been waiting for his whole life, the next minute he’s all ‘whatever’. Half the time you have no clue what’s going on.

8. The guy who constantly says you’re moving too fast. Oh, drinks once a week is ‘too fast’ now? If you moved any slower, you’d literally be going backwards.

9. The one who texts you nonstop, but acts like he’s never been outside. You can count on one hand the number of times you’ve seen him in person. Is he a vampire? No? Swipe left. You’re looking for a partner, not a pen-pal.

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