8 Ways to Keep Sex Exciting (No Whips and Chains Necessary)

Vanilla is the most popular ice-cream for a reason, okay?

There are ways to keep things hot that don’t involve dressing up in full fetish gear and getting down on all fours. For the more vanilla amongst us, here’s how to keep sex fun without getting (literally) tied up in the process.

1. Take it away from the bedroom (or at least off the bed). It’s very easy for sex to become routine – and a bed is comfy, okay? But you’d be amazed how sexy things can get when you just switch up the location. Why not start fooling around right there on the couch? Fact: it will get so good you won’t even want to move it to the bedroom.

2. Head to the toyshop – if you know what we mean. If you haven’t visited one yet, going to an adult store together can certainly be an experience. Once you get over the initial, ‘What does that metal thing— ohhhh’ you and bae will really get to know more about each other sexually. It’s super-sexy to hear what pique’s each other’s interests – and, who knows? You might even take something home with you.

3. Watch a dirty movie together. It doesn’t have to be, like, a hardcore porno (although, on occasion, that can be totally hilarious). There are loads of artsy X-rated gems out there, and watching them together will definitely turn you on. In fact, you probably won’t even make it to the end…

4. Tell each other your fantasies. It’s extremely hot just hearing them, and who knows? You might end up eager to reenact one or two.

5. Shoot him a sext. Nothing hectic, but just a little something naughty letting him know how you can’t wait to see him tonight. There’s nothing quite as sexy as letting him know you’re thinking raunchy things about him in the middle of the workday. He won’t be able to take his mind off it – and neither will you.

6. If missionary is your go-to, try something different. It doesn’t have to be some crazy Kama Sutra – try giving him head while he stands propped against a wall, or straddle his lap while he sits upright. It’s a great change of scenery – and sensation – for both of you.

7. Extend the foreplay. Nothing bad will ever come from stretching it out a little bit longer. Your orgasm will thank you.

8. Take a bath or shower together. Unless you’re both acrobats or have webbed toes, maybe don’t attempt actual sex. But just being naked and wet and naked together will get you both revved up. Soap each other up, touch each other all over and head promptly to the closest comfortable surface.

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